Saturday, November 12, 2016

Moses' Simple Staff

     My Dad and Mom were able to go on a paid trip to Israel! The Lord provided the money in an amazing way! But that story will be for a different time.....:) While they are in Israel, Beth and I are taking turns teaching my Mom's Sunday School Class, which is the 7-year olds to the 12-year olds. This week is my turn! We have a new SS curriculum that we are using and it is about objects and animals used by God. I was reading through the first lesson and I thought that I would share some of it with y'all!
  The first object we are teaching about is Moses' staff. I love the way this curriculum teaches the story in such a practical way! But anyway, it starts off by asking if you ever wondered if God could really use you? Have you ever thought that you were so incapable or big enough to be used of God? That sounds a lot like Moses, right? When God told Moses that He wanted to use him to deliver the Israelites out of Egypt, Moses doubted and made up so many excuses like, "I can't speak", or "They won't believe me Lord!"
  This is where Moses' staff comes in........God asked Moses what was in his hand. Which, of course, was Moses' staff since he was a shepherd. Then God told Moses to throw it on the ground. Have you ever thought about what Moses might have thought when God told him to do that? I wonder if Moses thought, "Why, Lord?" But the Bible says that he just threw it on the ground without asking any questions. Wow! That definitely is a lesson that some of us (including me!) need to learn. Why can't we just do what the Lord (or any authority in our life) tells us to do without asking any questions first? But...that's not what I wanted to focus on right now. (heehee) Anyway, Moses' staff turned into a serpent. So Moses' simple shepherd rod, when given to God, would be used to show God's power. Moses' staff was now God's staff. The Bible says in Exodus 4:20...."and Moses took the ROD OF GOD in his hand."
  God later used Moses rod (oops, I mean God's rod) to show His power in many other miracles. Like turning the water into blood, or bringing the frogs from the river, or lice from the dust, or parting the red sea, or the water from the rock......don't you just love all the miracles that God can do? Just to let you know....That is my God!!
  But the lesson that you and me can learn from this, is that each of us are just ordinary people with ordinary things or talents. But if we give those things to God, God can use it to show His power. Can you write? God can use your writing for Him! Can you talk? God can use your speaking for Him? Can you sing or play an instrument? God can use your talent to glory Him and show His power. The list can go on and on. But are you WILLING to give Him everything you have? There is a song that my sister sings that is called I Give It Back To You. The chorus goes like this......

              All of my talent, all of my time, all of my treasure shall never be mine.
              All that I am, all I shall be, Lord you gave it to me. I give it back to you.

Wow!! I want truly want my life to count for Jesus, but for that to happen I must be willing to give everything I have back to God!
        Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! Have a fabulous day! Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Oh, by the way, if you would like to know what curriculum we use it is the Stories of Grace, by Striving Together Publications.